Mens Waterproof Jackets

Sprayway Maxen Men's Waterproof Gore-Tex Hooded Jacket

 Sprayway's price: £180.00
Agoora Price £139.95
On Sale £119.99 You Save 33%
Ronhill Infinity Fortify Waterproof Men's Running Jacket

 Ronhill's price: £140.00
Agoora Price £119.99
You Save 14%

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Mens Waterproof Jackets and Coats

Raincoats and all waterproof clothing share the same big issue which is breathability. Anyone who has tried wearing a plastic bag as an emergency waterproof coat will realise that the inside quickly becomes wet from perspiration if you are exerting yourself, even if you are walking on the flat! Jacket manufacturers have found a variety of ways to make a jacket both breathable and waterproof. In modern times, Gortex were the first to offer a relatively high level of breathability combined with an impressively high hydrostatic head of 30 metres but over the past decade there dominance has been eroded an in some cases surpassed. For example Sprayway's Hydro-Dry fabric now boasts a breathability which rivals that of Goretex at a keener price. Agoora's range of breathable waterproof jackets includes both of these technologies. We also have a good selection of lightweight and highly breathable waterproof jackets from Ronhill