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Ronhill Womens Everyday Running Wind Jacket

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Ronhill Womens Stride Rainfall Waterproof Running Jacket

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Women's Jackets can be split into three groups: waterproof, wind proof and warm. The wind jackets can stop winds of up to 50mph depending on the fabric used but have reasonabley good breathability as they are not waterproof but generally have a good DWR or Durable Water Repellent coating on the surface of the fabric. This helps to keep the fabric dry so good breathability can be maintained and perspiration can escape more easily than for a waterproof jacket ensuring user comfort during periods of high exertion. Pertex is an excellent fabric for stopping the wind. Waterproof jackets keep out the rain but tend to keep body moisture in which can cause a clamy feeling. Hence breathability or the ability for the jacket to loose perspiration is a big issue with waterproof jackets. E-Vent fabric is the most breathable of all waterproof materials. Warm jackets perform best when as much perspiration as possible can escape. This helps to keep the insulation materials as dry as possible and therefore warmer. Hence the soft shell surface fabric used typically stops the wind and has a DWR Durable Water Repellent finish for enhanced breathability but is not waterproof. This is not an issue in very cold, below freezing conditions when it snows and doesn't rain, but for milder weather a waterproof over jacket will need to be used when it rains. Insulation used includes Primaloft, Pile and Polartec Fleece.