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Please note we are on holiday from Friday 23rd of February to Monday 4th March 2024.  You can order as usual but delivery will be delayed.  Thank you for your patience.

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All About Agoora Outdoor

 Choose Agoora Outdoor for Amazing Value, Free Delivery for orders over £30, a PRICE MATCH PROMISE PLUS an EXTRA 10% OFF, a Reliable Service with Quick Dispatch, Secure Payments and a 100 Day Returns Policy for Christmas and Birthday presents.

Agoora Outdoor supply top quality outdoor clothing & equipment for hiking, walking, running, cycling, climbing & mountaineering plus general adventure activities and world travel.

Agoora aim to supply high performance, innovative, well designed, stylish equipment of the highest quality. We began life as an e-Bay store called Agoraphilia meaning "love of the outdoors". Many people found the name difficult to remember and nobody was ever sure about how to spell it. So the name has been shortened to Agoora with two O's as in Google. The Agoora name is easy to type into a search engine. Our feedback rating on e-bay is excellent at 100% from over 15,000 customers who gave feedback. Agoora / Agoraphilia have a reputation for quality products and excellent service. We aim to achieve this whenever possible.

Agoora specialise in the following brands: 

Sprayway are a well established outdoor clothing and equipment brand with over 40 years of experience, famed for their excellent fit in both men's and women's waterproof jackets, waterproof walking trousers, fleece, shorts, shirts, rucksacks, sleeping bags and accessories such as waterproof gloves, hats and walking poles.

Ronhill are Britain's leading running brand with a wide range of lightweight running gear including wind jackets, shorts, t-shirts, pants, tights, capris, gloves, hats, and a range of products designed to improve road safety when running at night including flashing lights and high viz bibs.

Montane are an award winning, lightweight, activity clothing supplier; famous for their excellent Featherlite range of wind jackets, Terra Pants, and e-vent waterproof, breathable jackets. 

Hilly specialise in high quality technical running socks including calf Compression sleeves and Twin Skin anti-blister socks. They were founded by Dr Ron Hill the famous Marathon runner and are renound for their excellence amongst experienced runners.

Guarantee: All products sold by Agoora have the manufacturer's full warranty. 

Delivery Policy

For all orders placed before 4.00pm we aim to post the same day. Please select your postal service from the drop down menu in your shopping cart. Prices are shown next to your method of delivery and are very reasonable as they are based solely on postage costs. All deliveries are insured so if anything goes missing in the post we will send a replacement. For first class post next day delivery is achieved in the vast majority of cases and second class post takes 2/3 days. These delivery times are not guaranteed and Royal mail ask that 15 working days be allowed for delivery to UK addresses and 20 working days for the rest of the world. Following this wait, a replacement will be sent. For Special Delivery, next day delivery is guaranteed. No deliveries are made on a Sunday and for guaranteed Saturday morning delivery an additional payment of £3 is needed. Please note that if you are out when the postman calls a card will be posted through your letter box in which case will you kindly call on your local postal depot to pick up the parcel. Opening times are shown on the card. Alternatively you can phone Royal Mail to re-arrange delivery on a convenient day, details will be on the card.

World Wide Delivery 

We deliver world-wide. Please pay in pounds sterling.

100 Day Returns policy!

All products sold by Agoora Outdoor Gear are brand new with all labels attached together with the original packaging.

We have a 100 day returns policy! This allows for the return of Birthday and Christmas gifts which are the wrong size/colour or are unsuitable for the recipient of the gift. If you are not entirely satisfied please send back for a full refund. You will have to pay for your return postage but we will refund our own postage costs except where a special and more expensive postal service was used such as Special Delivery for example. 

If returning an item please ensure it is in excellent condition with all tags attached including the original packaging even if torn. 

(Please note that for customers from outside Europe a deduction will be made for post and packaging from any refund.) 

Any items damaged in the post must be returned within 30 days. This allows for a claim to be made with Royal Mail.

Any items paid for by Pay Pal are now also included in the 100 day returns policy! However, for ease of administration we request that these items are returned within 45days whenever possible. 

We recommend payment by credit card which is the safest way to pay for UK customers due to the Consumer Credit Act. 

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. 

The exchange of items which don't fit or match your colours is allowed within the 100 day returns period. In fact you can return for any reason. Return postage is at the buyers expense.

If you provide an incorrect delivery address and the postal service return the unopened parcel to ourselves then you will have to pay for our postal costs before the parcel can be re-sent to the correct address.

In the case of any damage or manufacturing faults, refund/exchange will be subject to comment by the manufacturer and/or the postal service used. We will of course refund your return postage and customers must take care to ensure the most economical method of postage is used. In particular for UK customers, please ensure the item is packed flat so that, whenever possible it will pass through the 25mm thick large letter slot used by the Post Office. The maximum dimensions for a Large Letter are 25 mm high x 250 mm wide x 353 mm long and for a Small Parcel it is 16 cm high x 35 cm wide x 45 cm long. The cost of packaging is at your expense and we recommend re-using the plastic bag used for delivery.

Contact Details


Agoora Outdoor Gear,

1, Well Garth View,



LS13 1EE

Telephone: 0113 2193204