Ronhill Run Guard Anti-Chafe Stick Running Balm

Ronhill Run Guard Anti-Chafe Stick Running Balm

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Ronhill Running Ronhill Run Guard Anti-Chafe Stick Running Balm is a lubricant for running & any prolonged exercise such as cycling or rowing which helps to prevent chaffing and abrasion during extrended workouts in all weather conditions. For best results the balm should be generously applied wherever there is a problem with rubbing such as underarms, inner thighs, groin, chest, feet, heals, between toes or wherever else you may chaf.

Suggested Uses: Running, Cycling, Rowing, Walking and any prolonged exercise.

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Features & Benefits

  • Helps prevent skin chaffing during exercise.
  • Suitable for all weathers over any distance of prolonged exercise.
  • Made from a blend of Aloe, Beeswax & Organic Carnauba which provides lubrication between rubbing surfaces thereby preventing any sourness or irritation.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use it is similar to a deodarant stick with threaded wheel which you turn to push the stick up.
  • Suitable for underarms, inner thighs, feet including between toes and at the back of heels, and also around the groin area or between any rubbing surfaces.

Weight: 111 gms ( 3.9 oz ); 76 gms ( 2.7 oz )

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Ronhill Guarantee. Ronhill clothing is designed for excellent sport performance. To best preserve these properties and extend the life of the garment, read and follow the care instructions on the label inside each garment. Please do not hesitate to contact Ronhill if further information is required.
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Technical Specifications

Weight: 111 gms ( 3.9 oz );

  • Made with Aloe, Beeswax & Organic Carnauba
  • Active Ingredient: Allantoin (0.5%) which serves as a skin protectant.

Warnings: For external use only. Not intended as a treatment for rashes, sores or open cuts. Do not ingest or allow contact with eyes. Stop use if rash or irritation occurs. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre righ away.

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