Womens Fleece


Womens Fleece Jackets. Fleece gives exceptional warmth together with low weight. It is made from knitted polyester which has been brushed to create lofted fibres which trap air and retain warmth. It is excellent for wicking away perspiration so the fabric stays as dry as possible therby enhancing the insulation properties. However fleece can also trap water, so it is reasonabley warm when wet but dries quickly and the warmth increases as it dries.
Polartec is the world's best fleece manufacturer and are recognised for their high performance products. They set the benchmark which others follow. There are three recognised levels of warmth for fleece: Micro-fleece or 100 weight fleece which is the thinnest at 100 gms per square metre. Mid-weight fleece at 200 gms per square metre and heavy weight fleece at 300 gms per sq m.
Montane use high quality Polartec fleece for high performance with the least weight.