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Agoora’s high performance hiking equipment is lightweight to conserve energy when walking up hill. We also give great importance to breathability in clothing. When hiking, a large amount of body moisture is produced and apparel which permits the rapid removal of perspiration is essential. Garments which are shower-proof with good wind resistance are more breathable than those which are fully waterproof. We offer a big range of clothing made from Pertex which is a tightly woven nylon with excellent wind resistance, high breathability, and good water repellent characteristics. Agoora also have waterproof jackets made with an e-Vent membrane. E-vent three layer fabric is the world’s most breathable waterproof material.
For warmth we can offer apparel made from Polartec fleece, DryActive polyester fibre pile, the warmest 800+ power fill goose down, and Primaloft insulation. These are the best names in insulation for clothing.
Agoora choose products with the greatest durability possible for the weight of the garment. The most durable material known to man that can be used in fabric production is Nylon. This is a very versatile material which can be used to produce cloth with a wide range of characteristics. For example Tactel is a supersoft nylon fabric with a cotton like feel used in Montane’s Terra Pants. Cordura fabric is a super hard wearing double weave nylon which is used for the high wear points on Terra Pants. Pertex is a tightly woven lightweight wind proof nylon with a comfortable soft feel which is used in a variety of Montane jackets & smocks.
Montane\\\'s rucksacks are made from a variety of fabrics using nylon and polyester.
Comfort is achieved by keeping the weather out and your body warmth in with quality well designed clothing using tough fabrics with excellent soft feel and performance.
Agoora aim to supply high performance, lightweight, breathable, durable, comfortable, innovative, well designed, stylish equipment of the highest quality. All products have the manufacturers full warranty and are supplied brand new with the manufacturers original packaging and tags attached.